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why cant I make my own wedding album?

You can!! And there's absolutely nothing wrong with spending your own time researching and creating a wedding album for yourself. I'm simply offering you access to a tried and trusted, high quality, archival rated album that is guaranteed to stay in your family for generations to come. Your kids' kids' kids will see it. I use Queensberry Albums who are based in New Zealand and only offer their products to professional photographers, more about them below.

I've been creating wedding albums for my clients since 2012, so you'll have access to my design experience and artistic vision -classically modern, minimalist, story driven. My individual perspective of your wedding day allows me to tell a unique story. The way it unfolds depends on my choice of imagery, ie which photographs to include and why, their order and relative size. My selection process is very intentional and my considerations include the technical aspects of photography - light, geometry, composition. As well as the emotional aspects of human connection - expression, form, the moment. If you and I were to design your wedding album individually the results would be completely different. 


The Process

Saying this, we will work together when producing your album. In fact, I couldn't do it without you. I will create the first draft then send it to you for review and discussion. We'll make all necessary changes until you're happy. We can have your wedding album shipped to your home within 6-8 weeks if we communicate quickly.


The Albums

After hearing countless stories about wedding album bindings pulling apart, cover wraps unwrapping, inks fading and smudging, I made the decision to use the best wedding albums I could find. My research led me to decide between two companies in the world, I chose Queensberry Albums. They only offer their products to professional photographers, their albums are hand crafted in New Zealand, archival rated, and they use environmentally sustainable fine art paper sourced from European mills. For me, these albums are the ultimate in bespoke design and craftsmanship. I’ve always thought of a wedding album as something that needs to stand the test of time, something that will be passed down throughout the generations and treasured by family members for years to come.

It was important for me to offer a set of wedding albums with a long term archival rating and professionally constructed bindings. Queensberry Albums meet all of my requirements with 100 year + archival rated inks and papers, protective coatings and a “lay flat” design to ensure the life of the binding. There’s minimal risk of cracking or pages becoming loose over the entire life of the album.

If you’re after something that will last throughout the generations, I’ll be here to create that for you.

Please scroll down to see the three wedding album options currently available. 

Queensberry Flush mount Album ($1499)

Extra pages: $69pp.

Size: 12 X 12 inches.

20 sides.

Micro leather cover.

Flush mount page finish (modern, un-matted).


Queensberry Wedding Album. ($1699)

Extra pages: $89pp.

Size: 12 X 12 inches.

20 sides.

Micro leather cover.

Classic, matted page finish.


Queensberry Classic Wedding Album ($1999)

Extra pages: $129pp.

Size: 12 X 12 inches

20 sides

Leather cover

Protected corners.

Matted page finish.

Kodak Endura Lustre fine art paper.


Wedding Prints


One of the first things I talk about when meeting a new couple is the value of the print. As with my wedding albums by no means are you locked in to organising prints with me. But I found it important to offer prints that are archival rated and guaranteed to last throughout generations to come.

To me the final product in wedding photography is always the print. Whether that be an album or just a few framed photographs for your house, please dont leave them hiding on that pesky disc!

When I first started looking into the printing process I had two options: To use an already existing lab that was mass producing prints across the country, or to invest in something that would allow me to put a personal touch on every print I produced. I chose the latter. I went through days of testing different types of paper or “stock,” and using the same two photographs I compared one after another. I wanted my wedding prints to have a different feel to them, nothing bright or obnoxious but instead – refined and understated.

Every print you receive from me is produced individually on one hundred year archival grade fine art paper. It’s heavy 330gsm acid free hot press natural cotton paper. Which means it’s a matt finish on textured art paper with no added brightening agents.

You can physically feel the difference in quality, and there is no comparison with any digital display.

Please scroll down to see a few snap shots of prints from past clients.

Daniel :)